Jean-Francois’ career starts as a photojournalist.


He will quickly become a permanent collaborator to the French daily newspaper Libération, a collaboration that will take him to develop a significant work around

what he will later call “the little theater of politics,” an acidic yet tender vision of the French political scene.


He will cover projects that will stretch from the backstage of fashion week to the genocide in Rwanda.

At Libération, he will overall learn the idea to tell a story in one photograph.


Francois Hebel, director of Magnum Photo, will say about him “Campos is the Plantu of Libération, he just uses a camera instead of a pencil.”

After a few years, during which he joins the prestigious Agence VU, invited by its’ creative director Christian Caujolle and receives many distinctions and awards for his work as  a young photojournalist,

he decides to turn a page and to become a fashion photographer.


He starts quickly shooting for magazine such as Italian Flair, V Magazine, and different international editions of Vogue.

In parallel, Jean-Francois creates numerous award-winning fashion and beauty campaigns for clients such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Shiseido, Celine, Van Cleef & Arpels, and LVMH.


In 2010 he settles in NYC, where he meets his future wife Rachel Mae Stein.



Aside from his work in fashion, they together start to develop a personal body of work exploring the youth of New York through a series of portraits entitled

The Confession Album.

This eventually leads them to expand their project to Los Angeles, where they open a studio and create LA Stories, a series documenting the youth of LA.


Progressively, they start being more and more involved in exploring beauty,

and it is in a very organic way that as of 2017 they become officially the duo

Rachel and JF.